Easter Florals

On Sunday I wore this adorable floral dress from Old Navy, with a purple cardigan, brown boots, and white statement necklace. It was such a fun springy outfit! I am just loving how nice the weather is getting right now. Well it’s kinda iffy. Some days it is cold and ugh. Other days it is warm and sunny! I love the flowers and the warming spring sun.


And this is my friend Hannah! Sometimes you just feel like taking a selfie, so, might as well 😉 Easter Sunday was so nice and warm (if you stood in the sun and ignored the breeze) and church was really great! There were lots of people and there was such a lively spirit. Plus all the food after, yummm…


But Easter is much more than just a holiday with food, and celebrated by many with bunnies and eggs (what like where did that even come from??) It’s the day that we get to celebrate the miracle that our Savior Jesus rose from the grave and conquered death, after He died to pay the price for our sins. How amazing is that?! I am ever thankful for His love and forgiveness for us.


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