Crazy Makeup!

The other day I got home and Kalina and Jubilee were in the girls’ bathroom doing makeup. I walked past and Kalina freaked out, saying ‘Don’t let Tilly see!’ Well of course now I had to see. So I made her show me, and she had done this dark makeup on one side of her face. I was like, whoa… that’s cool! Let me do the other side! She thought I would freak out and I might’ve if she actually intended to wear it, but she was just having fun experimenting. So I made her let me do the other side of her face. It was really fun! She kept saying what are you doing?! Uhhh Tilly what? Why are you using that? But I was having way too much fun. Here is the finished product! She did the black side and I did the side with color. Just so you know: It IS supposed to look ridiculous.

On Sunday I wore this black pencil skirt that I got at a thrift store. In the morning I wore it with this blouse from Goodwill, cardigan that a friend gave me, and Kalina’s booties. They booties aren’t really my style but I was in a hurry and they were on the floor so I just grabbed them and put them on. In the evening I wore this shirt from Warehouse in NZ and my gray boots from Goodwill. I wore a cute necklace that I made ages ago.

Me and Avi 🙂


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