This week has been pretty busy with work. On Tuesday evening a bunch of us from church went bowling, and that was tons of fun! On Saturday, my friends and I are having a movie night, so I’m looking forward to that. Besides that, it’s just been work and church. And man it’s so cold. I mean I know it’s spring already and if I was here for winter I would probably think that this 50 degree weather is amazing. But guys let’s face it I came from NZ where it was in the 70s and 80s. This is cold to me. It is still really beautiful out though, even if it is cold. Today the sky was so clear and blue for a bit, and it was so beautiful.

I don’t really have a ton of photos to share, and although I do have some adorable selfies with the kids I nanny, I can’t post them. One thing I love to do with the kids I nanny is art. Drawing, painting, coloring. Any of that stuff. Painting can sometimes get… interesting. Like, paint all over hands and arms, type of interesting. But the girls really enjoy it and I don’t mind the mess. I enjoy coloring and drawing with the kids too. I just think it’s really fun.

Also, I nanny a family that speaks Russian, so I have been making feeble attempts to learn a bit. I know the easy letters, and I can spell a few words. Check it out guys. I spelled a word using wooden blocks.


It is Russian for Captain. I know this word cause for a bit I had an app on my iPod that was the Russian alphabet, and the word for the letter K was kapitan. Pretty cool eh? 😉 It’s so fun to learn a new language, even just a few words. It’s like, hey! I can read this! I took Japanese for a year and a half, when I was like ten, and I still remember a bit of hiragana, one of the alphabets. Not much though. And I took three quarters of Spanish at college but I really need to review that or else I’m going to forget it and that would be really sad.

Well, I hope I will be able to take a few minutes and blog, more often. Just I think I should tell you, don’t really expect my posts to make much sense because I am a bit busy and so may at times be tired and just babbling. Anywaysss I hope y’all have a lovely day. 🙂


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