I’m Back…!

Wow guys, I am so sorry! I know it has been just ages since I blogged.

The rest of my stay in NZ was great! I got to go spend some time in beautiful Whangarei visiting my handsome boyfriend and meeting his awesome family.

Leaving was pretty terrible. It was so sad to say goodbye to my friends in NZ and sadly some I didn’t get the chance to say goodbye to. It was so good to get home and back to my family and friends here, though! It took a while but I’m getting back into the swing of things. It’s so weird looking back how time goes so fast, eh? I guess that’s just life. I started work last week so it’s good to be back at it.

Last week mom took photos of me and my siblings together, because most of us were together for the first time in ages. Keziah, Ezra, and Boaz weren’t here, but the rest of us were. Adalia came back from NZ for a visit and Judah was home from University for the week.

Since getting back home I’ve got to do some fun things. Grandma and Grandpa took my family out to Pizza Hut for dinner. I went up to Canada and visited with my other grandparents, and then later that week went up to Canada again to celebrate my cousin Alanna’s birthday with her, my cousin (her sister) Kayla and my aunt (their mom) Michelle, our grandma Jean, and Adalia. That was so fun. We had high tea at an adorable place in Abbotsford. Then we looked around some shops and then went to a thrift store there. Where I found an amazing old book. I actually have a nice little collection of old books, I’ll have to blog about it sometime. I got more yesterday too, at a garage sale. Another day, Mom, Adalia, Kalina, and I went to Fairhaven and looked around a book store then got Mexican food. On Friday, my church had a teen activity and that was loads of fun. We played lots of group games, and then had a devotion that was really encouraging. Afterwards I went to my friends Hannah and Briahna’s house and spent the night. We actually didn’t do normal sleepover stuff, like staying up late watching movies and talking, because we were all tired so we just went to sleep. At like midnight, so it was still late. I’m sure I’m forgetting to add a few things, but this is just a bit of what I’ve done since being home. Also, getting back to my church was really great! I loved the church I went to in New Zealand, and I had some great friends there too. I am so thankful for that church and the people there. I really miss them! There’s no place like home, though. It’s also good to be back with my siblings! I missed them a lot. Me, Kalina, Jubilee, and Avi all share a room now, and I was kinda thinking it would be… well, interesting. Not very fun. But I actually like it. It’s fun to be in the same room and it’s not as messy as I’d thought it would be. And hey, I add to the mess, not trying to say I always keep my room perfect. I will try to be better at blogging now that I’m back into a schedule.

Here’s one of my outfits from last week. The top is Old Navy, and guys, I love this shirt. I thought I’d lost it because I forgot that I’d packed it away and left it here when I went to NZ. When I found it when I got back I was so happy. The jeans are from the Warehouse in NZ, and the boots I got from Goodwill ages ago. And I did not intentionally dress in all black, y’all. It’s just that’s what matched. And yes it’s freezing cold, I did wear a cardigan. And I was still cold. I’m still getting used to dressing for this cold weather after being in warm NZ.

And here are a few photos from Alanna’s birthday tea.

This photo is so funny to me because it totally looks posed. Adalia’s happy smile as she pours my tea and I smile at the teacup. Couldn’t have been done better on purpose eh? The tea was amazing. I loved the Vanilla Bean tea. And the food…. oh my word guys! It was so good! The scones especially were just delicious. Everything. So good.




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