Kayaking with a Shark!

Where Adalia and I stayed in Australia, we just had to walk a short trail from the resort to get to this gorgeous beach. The colors were so amazing, the water was so many different colors of blue. We found a few tiny blue jellyfish on the sand one day, and then the next time we were there we found big blobby clearish ones that had washed up. The water was the perfect temperature, cool enough to be refreshing without being uncomfortable.

One day we decided to go on a kayak tour in Noosa. We didn’t do a ton of planning before we went to Australia, so we just took it day by day. We were lucky to get the kayak tour so last minute. We booked it the morning of. Thankfully we were in the off season. In fact, we went to Australia at the perfect time. It was right after the Christmas rush and so nothing was very crowded or busy.

For the kayak tour, we went with Epic Ocean Adventures. Our guide was Sean and there were two other people on the tour. Sean drove us along the beach for 50k or something, to get to the spot where we were kayaking. It was so gorgeous! The kayaking was really fun. I’d never done ocean kayaking before. Sean said that ocean kayaks are really hard to tip, so really, it’s kind of impressive that Adalia and I managed to tip ours. I scrambled back into that thing as quickly as I could. We were in the ocean, and in Australia, and yeah I was not going to wait for Sean to come help us get back in like he’d said to, in the event of a canoe tipping. We’d only seen a few manta rays and schools of fish at that point so it’s not like the ocean was teeming with dangerous marine life. But still. I’m a bit of a scaredy cat when it comes to water, and particularly the ocean. We were hoping to be able to see dolphins, and maybe sea turtles. We saw neither, so that was a bit disappointing. But it was still a really enjoyable day and we had lots of fun. Adalia and I both started feeling a little queasy while we were sitting in the kayak, though, from the ocean rocking it.

The best part of our kayak tour? Adalia and I saw a shark. Hey you know, that means that I’ve gone swimming with sharks, because when we fell out, we were in the water, where the shark was. Pretty cool eh? We had no idea that we were going to see a shark, so at first we didn’t realize it. We were sitting in the kayak out in the ocean, and Adalia pointed out to me- look, it’s a manta ray! We watched it swim around and under our kayak and then disappear. We didn’t think too much of it until later when Sean told us that he’d seen a shark, but he hadn’t mentioned it because we wouldn’t have been able to get to where he was in time to see it because it was swimming away, and then we’d all freak out probably because there was a shark and we weren’t sure where it was. I was a bit disappointed that he hadn’t pointed it out at the time but still thought it was pretty cool that he saw it. Then afterwards Adalia and I were thinking about it and we realized that what we had seen was not in fact a manta ray, but the shark. It looked nothing like a manta ray, to be honest. Looking through the choppy ocean, you can’t really see very clearly. Our minds had jumped to manta ray because we’d seen some before and we had no idea we’d see a shark. But Adalia originally thought it was a dolphin, except that it was too dark. Dolphins and manta rays- they are totally different shapes. Dolphins and sharks, they’re pretty similar. It was the same size (about a meter and a half) as the one Sean told us he’d seen, and later we were watching a show about sharks and we were like ‘oh yeah! that’s definitely what we saw!’. So. That’s the rather lengthy and roundabout story of how we saw a shark. It swam right under our kayak! Some day I want to go in a shark cage in the ocean with great whites. For now, getting to kayak with a shark was pretty darn exciting. After the kayaking, Sean drove us to the part of the beach with the colored sands, which is this bright red and orange sand.


My swimsuit here is from Land’s End. I really love it!


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