Australia Zoo {Part 3- Birds and Lemurs}

At the Australia Zoo, the wetlands area was really interesting, with many birds including the emu. Emus are just creepy, guys. If I ran into one of those in the wild, I’d be terrified. They are so evil looking.




The zoo offered camel rides and the price was reasonable plus when else do you get to ride a camel?! So Adalia and I gladly hopped on a few camels. It was fun! The workers led us on the camels around the camel enclosure for several minutes. It was a fun new experience!


When we got to the lemur section, there were a bunch of lemurs hanging out and sleeping in a tree.

And here are a few more outfit photos. I got this Pagani top at St Paul’s op shop in Putaruru for $1. See why I love op shops?! On the left I wore it with a denim skirt, keds, and a necklace from Maurice’s. On the right I wore it with a skirt from Frockwork Orange, a secondhand clothing store in Putaruru, sandals from Francesca’s, and the same necklace.


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