Outfit Of The Day: Coral and Stripes

Yesterday I wore this black pencil skirt with black tights and black ankle boots. The shirt is from Just Jeans, I borrowed it from Adalia. I have no idea where I got the cardigan. I know, I’m not very helpful am I? I get a lot of things from thrift stores.


All the jewelry I’m wearing has sentimental value. I realized that as I was deciding what to wear. The necklace is from one of my best friends, Jeannette. The infinity bracelet is from my best friend and cousin Arianna. The watch was my great grandma Ida’s. The other bracelet, I got when I was visiting my Bergeron cousins for Arianna’s graduation. We were at her Pastor’s house one day and her pastor’s wife gave it to me. 16197082_945508175548756_1446042855_o.jpg

Yesterday I went to my friends’ house before church. We did some target practice with Annabethany’s bow and arrows and Daniel’s gun. I am terrible at using a bow, I can tell you that right away. I hit the target once. And I was really close to it. But it was really fun! I’m better with a gun. Which isn’t saying much, but hey. I’m a pretty decent shot. When something isn’t moving, anyways.


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