I got my first camera when I was eleven. I’ve always enjoyed photography and I was so excited to have my own ‘nice’ camera. Since my mom is a photographer, she taught me how to use it. Here‘s a post on her blog about how to take better photos.


My mom had a few other blog posts with photography tips here and here as well.

It’s been so nice having a photographer mom because she’s taught me everything I know, and I’ve been able to borrow her cameras and lenses and all her equipment, and she’s handed down some of her equipment to me. How else would I have a 5D? It’s pretty awesome! I’ve also helped out with a lot of her photo shoots, as I was her assistant for several years, so I learned a lot from that as well. Oh, also, the free photo shoots are pretty great. 🙂

Photography takes a lot of practice but I think it’s really fun. Sometimes I look back at my photos and just cringe because I thought they were good and they were pretty awful. Sometimes I cringe at the photos I’ve just taken as well. I hardly used my camera for a for years because I was so busy with college that I didn’t have as much time to. Here in New Zealand, I do have more time, and so many gorgeous views that I just have to photograph.

I haven’t uploaded any photos to my flickr account in a while, but feel free to check it out. I post a lot of fashion and photography on my instagram account. New Zealand is so gorgeous and I’m really excited about the great opportunities I’ve had for photos. There have been times when I regretted not bringing my camera so I had to make do with phone photos. I try not to be too preoccupied with taking photos, and enjoy the moment as well, so I don’t always take my nice camera.

I’m really thankful for all the opportunities I’ve had to travel to so many places. I’ve been to Colombia, Malawi, and New Zealand. Each country was so beautiful and I’m glad I took my camera on each trip.



New Zealand

Do you enjoy photography? What’s your favorite thing to take photos of? As you can probably see, I really enjoy nature photography. What is something that you would be interested to see photos of?


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