Backyard Views

I was in my room this afternoon when I noticed the beautiful light outside so I grabbed my camera and took a few photos.

Can you believe what a gorgeous view we have?!



And Rascal was sitting on the picnic table Ben built, looking absolutely adorable.


I’ll admit it was not easy to get him to stay still for a photo, but I did get a good one!


I stayed at my friends’ house this weekend, and we had a lot of fun. We watched another Love Comes Softly movie, and then got our fill of Say Yes to the Dress as well as the Bridesmaids edition of it… wowza, talk about drama! It’s pretty entertaining, that’s for sure. On Saturday a bunch of people from church got together to do some work around the church. It was a good day for it, the weather was really nice.

Today I wore this pencil skirt from Save Mart and blouse from Goodwill. I think the necklace is from Charlotte Ruse. But I could have just made that up. It might have been Maurice’s. I got it about a year ago at the mall.




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