Throwback: Oregon 2016

So y’all know how I’ve been saying for, let’s see… for five months- that I’ll post more photos from Oregon? Well I’ve been meaning to blog the past few days but just can’t think of anything to write. So I finally got around to finishing those photos. I must apologize that it took so long though… I put the ‘pro’ in procrastinate.



Look at this cutie! She’s got the best expressions.


We went camping in August at the Oregon Coast. We stayed at the Fort Stevens National Park. We made the six-hour drive on Sunday. With nine kids how could it be boring? I can’t say it was all good but it was interesting. We got there in the late afternoon and set up camp. Our friends the Thames were in the campsite right beside us (see above photo of adorable Ella). It rained for the first day or two. When it’s raining and you’re camping… well, I don’t know about you, but I find it hard to be cheerful. But I guess it made us more grateful for the sun we got the rest of the week, so that’s a plus. I don’t remember everything we did and when but we did visit the Tillamook cheese factory, Cannon Beach, and the Lewis and Clark museum. We were only a few miles from the ocean, too, so we spent a lot of time there!




Lately I’ve started posting more of my photography and fashion on Instagram. Here’s one of my recent outfits:


The skirt is from Save Mart (a thrift store), the shirt is from Goodwill, the cardigan is from Postie, and the shoes are from a garage sale.


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