Cape Reinga

The weather was a little dreary the first few days of this week, perfect in fact for reading and for finishing off the tv show I was watching. I finished White Collar. Well, what more can I say. I’m sure you know what it’s like when you finish your favorite book or tv show. I think the last time I watched a whole show through, I was glad to be done because I did it in about four days, so that was different. Plus it was an awful show to begin with. (stop judging me, guys, I was barely fourteen) White Collar, well, I loved it. Have you seen it? What are you watching? I’m also watching Gilmore Girls but guys there are seven seasons and each has like 22 episodes… that’s a lot. Which is good. But it’s going to take me ages. Which makes sense because it was made over seven years so I shouldn’t expect to get it down in seven weeks. Yesterday after I finished White Collar, Gilmore Girls just wasn’t cutting it, so I watched Forrest Gump. Besides the few scenes that I skipped *ahem, awkward…* it was really good!

Back to our Northland trip! On Friday after Ninety Mile Beach, we drove to Cape Reinga. Let me show you a picture of where it is.


Right at the very tip of the North Island. Pretty cool, eh?! On the right is the Tasman Sea. On the left is the Pacific Ocean.


You can see where the Tasman Sea meets the Pacific Ocean… it’s so gorgeous!







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