Fishing and Ninety Mile Beach

Today is a little rainy, but I’ve gotten a lot done today and yesterday. Right now I’m reading several books (I’m always in the middle of at least three; but that doesn’t necessarily mean I’m actually reading the book… I can ‘pause’ for weeks or months. It does make it confusing when I start it again though!)

One book I’m reading is In Pursuit of First Love by Frank Eiklor. When I tried to find it online, there were hardly any results. So I can’t share a link, I can only wish you luck if you try to find it! I think I got mine from my grandma. It’s about getting back to God as your first love. Turns out I read it a few years ago, because as I was reading it this week, I saw where I had underlined or wrote in the margins. I really love this book! It encourages me to spend more time with God and to really make Him number 1 in my life.

The other book I’m reading is Authentic Beauty by Leslie Ludy. It’s also about Jesus as your true love. It’s very encouraging to me, and I’m really enjoying it! I don’t know if you’ve ever thought about how much God loves you, or if you even know that He does. But, He does, and He loves you so much more than you could ever imagine. It’s amazing to know that God always has and always will love you, that He cares so immensly for you, and He wants to spend time with you. Leslie Ludy has written several other books that I’m looking forward to reading as well!

And let me share a bit more about our trip up North! On Friday we went fishing. We spent about six hours at the ocean, and we caught a grand total of six snapper… sadly they were all too small so we had to throw them back. It was a gorgeous day and I learned a lot about fishing, which isn’t hard since I knew hardly anything before. It was a pretty proud moment when I finally caught a fish, I’ll admit. I’ve caught a fish once, four years ago, and it was just as fun then as it is now! Although that couldn’t have taken more than an hour, and this time it took six… at any rate, I think fishing is really fun!

Ben caught the first fish!


After we went fishing, we headed up to Ninety Mile Beach. It’s so beautiful there! We drove along the beach and when we got to the end, we ran up the sand dunes. I now feel very sympathetic for anyone lost in the desert. It would be awful! It was really fun, though. We ran up the dunes and then ran down as fast as we could, which meant some tripping. In parts, the sand was really soft and you would sink in a few inches. But when I did fall (right on my face, I might add), the sand was really soft. After we found our way back to the beach, we went for a swim. The ocean was just beautiful! It was similar to the beach we went to in Oregon in August, except way warmer water. Just ocean, as far as you can see on either side. Sand dunes behind you. So peaceful. The waves were really fun, and the water was very pleasant!




It was just so gorgeous! Cape Reinga was amazing too, but I’ll save that for another day.


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