These past few days, Ben and Adalia and I took a 3-day holiday to Northland. It is so beautiful up there!

Cape Reinga, NZ

We left Arapuni around 2am and got to Kerikeri at about 8, leaving us the whole day for exploring. Ben’s friends took us to a beautiful waterfall near their house, and we had fun swimming and jumping off the waterfall (not me! But, the boys). In the afternoon we went to The Stone Store, a unique store in New Zealand’s oldest stone building.

We also went to a used bookstore, and I definitely scored! I came home with several old beauties: The Swiss Family Robinson, Belles on Their Toes, Shakespeare’s Tragedies, and 1,000 Hymns and Choruses.

I wish I had shared this on my last post, but I didn’t think of it until I was out of internet range. I know it’s already a day or two into the New Year but it’s not too far in to catch up! (I’m terrible at that… once I decided to stop procrastinating with school, I put it off until my next quarter of college because I was already a week or so into the current quarter and I didn’t want to mess up the routine I already had…)  I started a daily Bible reading schedule that I found online. The one that I’m using has me read several chapters a day, and each day of the week is in a different category of scripture: Sunday- Epistles. Monday- The Law. Tuesday- History. Wednesday- Psalms. Thursday- Poetry. Friday- Prophecy. Saturday- Gospels. I’m really excited to go through it! Before I had been just choosing a book at random when I finished the one I was reading. This is nice because I can intentionally read through the whole Bible in a year. There are a few different plans on this website, so I encourage you to check it out!

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