Yesterday Adalia was working and Ben had some work to do in Hamilton, so he dropped me off at the mall. Every girl’s dream, right? It’s also within walking distance of SaveMart (an op shop- or, for us Americans, a thrift store) and right across the street from Kmart (hold up guys listen, the Kmart here is glorious. It’s not like the one in Bellingham. It’s nicer than Bellingham’s Target, that’s the level it’s on.).

At SaveMart, I found my new favorite item of clothing. Culottes. Check these out guys, you can’t even tell! They’re all the advantages of pants and skirts put together, while still looking great.

And the shirt is from good ole’ Walmart back home. It’s actually too small (the sleeves are too short) but I’m trying to deny that for as long as I can by pulling my sleeves down for photos and pushing them up to my elbows the rest of the time. It works…

And I don’t always share my makeup because it’s usually pretty simple (or nonexistent) but today I actually did spend a bit of time on it.

Last night we watched God’s Not Dead 2. It was really good! Five stars. Go watch it. It’s not made up, it’s based on several true stories, and this kind of thing really is happening. It’s a very encouraging and inspiring movie.

And today’s Christmas Eve! I swear I’ll remember to take pictures this time. I totally meant to and totally forgot on Thanksgiving but this time I won’t.


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