Kiwi House

Hi! I’ve been out for a few days because I was at camp and then the internet at home wasn’t working for a few days. It’s back on now though and I have plenty to share. 

Last week me and Adalia went to the Kiwi House in Otorahanga. It was really cool! Kiwis are such odd birds, they’re like a big ball of fluff with chicken legs and a head and long beak. I didn’t get any photos of them because they’re nocturnal so the exhibit was dark and no photos were allowed. There were tons of other birds though and it was really fun to see them all! 

This little duck was mine and Adalia’s favorite. We called him Danny. Poor thing was so desperate for friends. When we walked away from him he flapped his wings and squawked and tried to chase us. Anyways Ben has a friend who works there and so we know Danny’s in good hands. 



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