Bullet Journal

A while ago I promised a post about the bullet journal I was working on. Here it is!
For me, a bullet journal is where I keep track of everything. I love lists because they help me get things done, so I keep lists, track my spending, and keep information like addresses and passwords. The best way for me to explain how I set mine up is through photos! I had a lot of fun doing it. Hey, I got to buy a new journal and markers, how can that not be fun?! And the KitKat helped. I just threw that in there for the photos because I was about to eat it so why not? Yes, I am strange… chocolate is not required for setting up a bullet journal but it’s really helpful.


So there you have it! I searched Pinterest and found a lot of fun ideas and printables. I like having one place where I keep track of everything. The chart right above helps me to get things done and make sure I’m productive during the day… or at least that I feel like I am. 😉



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