Monopoly, BB Guns, and Fishing

The other day Ben’s uncle Paul came over. We played a few board games including Monopoly. I hadn’t played Monopoly in agessss I’m sure you can guess why. There comes a point when you know you’re losing but it still takes another hour for you to go completely bankrupt. Plus, in my house, board games always end with someone running off in tears. *Always*. That’s what happens when everyone’s going through puberty at once. Don’t worry, this game didn’t end in tears or pubescent outbursts, we’re past all that. Even if it did take hours to play and we didn’t finish until midnight.


As you can see, I did *not* win this game… It was really fun though!

The next day we got out Ben’s BB guns. We had some target practice, and I’ll have you know I did win at that! We set up a target and I got 45 points and Ben got 40. Later Paul got 80 buttttt that was after the fact so I still won. I also won when we raced to see who could shoot down several targets the fastest. I got them in 30 seconds, beating Paul by only a second or two. Ha, take that. I always thought I had terrible aim but it turns out I just needed to learn how to actually aim.

Thanks to WordPress changing things, I can’t actually upload my video directly to here so you’ll have to click on the link if you want to watch it. This is me shooting down the targets.

Then we drew a bunch of faces and set up targets all around the house and we had to shoot as many as we could in one minute. Ben won with 9 and I got 8.

After we spent hours littering the floor with BBs and then picking them up only to deposit them there again, we dug the fishing rods out from under the house and walked to the river. We also dug under the house for worms, beforehand. Worms don’t gross me out (only maggots and such) but it is kinda gross to stick the hook through them.

And we got this amazing view so it was worth it even if we didn’t catch anything!



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