Rock Climbing and Stilts

Yesterday some friends came over and we went rock climbing . It was a ton of fun! I’d been climbing at an indoor rock wall before, but not on actual real rocks. Sadly I didn’t bring my camera. I wish I had because the farm we were on was so beautiful, all the rolling hills and the powerful rock formations. Don’t worry, I’ll get some pictures someday, just it didn’t happen this time. Afterwards we went to the lake. It was a little chilly for most of us, but some of the guys jumped in- again and again and again. It was a manliness contest. img_9782

Then we came back home and had dinner, played Catan, shot off fireworks, attempted to walk on a slackline, and tried out these awesome stilts:

I’m not sure Ben needed the extra height 😉

These pictures are from when I went to Tauranga last week.

And here’s my outfit from Sunday:


The dress is from Old Navy, and I got the jacket from Labels (a consignment store) and the boots from Goodwill.


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