Lake Arapuni

We’re borrowing a boat, so yesterday we took it out on lake Arapuni and rowed around for a bit. 

I also babysat in the morning. Look at these two cuties! And that view is just amazing. 

I know, wearing white to babysit sounds really silly but my clothes actually survived. I just made sure not to give the baby yogurt because she makes a HUGE mess with it. Like, she bathes in it.

I also worked on my horse drawing skills, which are necessary for this job. I’m still working on it.

And my people and puppy drawing skills too, apparently. Yeah I had a limited color selection. 

That’s actually based on this photo:

It’s… something. 😂

Oh and I painted a flower.

Good work takes practice, that’s for sure. I’m gonna need a lot of it. 😜


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