Leather Boot Care

Y’all know that I LOVE my cowboy boots. They’re the best. Today I’m going to share some tips on how to take care of leather boots. If you don’t have boots yet, check out King Ranch’s selection of durable men’s and stylish women’s cowboy boots. I love these boots because they’re reliable and practical as well as stylish! The Mulan Tobacco Boots are definitely on my wishlist.

There are a few steps you want to take that will make sure your boots last. Just follow this simple routine once a month to keep the leather soft and appearances up.


leather boot care

Use a damp cloth to wipe any dirt off your boots.

Condition, Protect, and Correct

leather boot care

There are many options out there for conditioning and waterproofing your boots. King Ranch’s boot conditioner would  be great for keeping your boots in perfect condition! Red Wing also has a great selection, as does Huberd’s.  For my work boots at home I like to use mink oil. Just find what works best for you and use it regularly.

leather boot care

If your boots are wet, let them dry at room temperature. If you set them by the fire to dry, the heat can cause the leather to crack and dry. We don’t want that!

Before and after. I’d say the boots on the right look a lot better, eh? It only takes a few minutes every now and then to keep your boots in good shape.

leather boot care

If you want to know how to style cowboy boots, I wear them with pretty much everything so I’ve got several posts on them! Look here, here, and here.

Do you have cowboy boots? What do you do to take care of them?




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