4 Ways to Have a Productive Day

Y’all know how I am about sleeping in. 7:00 is the perfect time to get up. Before that = early. After that = late. A few weeks ago, I couldn’t sleep past 8:00. My first two weeks here in NZ I was getting up around 6:30 or so because I had to be at work around 8:00. Once I finished nannying, I started sleeping in… really late… like, getting up at 10.

Today I got up at 8 and it was great. I actually set my alarm for 7:15 but I fell back asleep because I didn’t go to bed until 11:30 last night. While sleeping in is fun, I love getting up earlier because I feel so much more productive.

So I present: 4 Ways to Have a Productive Day.


This may only apply to morning people like me. But here’s what I like to do.

Get up early.
Not too early; I definitely don’t recommend getting up at 4:30 unless it’s necessary. If you do, good on you. If not- I totally understand. It’s no fun. I like to get up between 7 and 8. I just hate getting up to realize that half my day is gone already. Plus, if you get up early you can eat breakfast and lunch. If you get up at 10:30 or 11 it’s kind of brunch.

Start your day off with Bible reading.
I always read my Bible and pray before I get up. Typically I’ll read a chapter or two. I just finished Jeremiah and now I’m going through Proverbs. I recently started a prayer journal and it’s been great for me. When I do this before I get up, it sets me up for a good day. I start my day talking to God, and throughout the day I’ll hopefully be remembering what I read and trying to apply it to my life.

Make your bed.
Yep, I think you should make your bed every morning. Admiral William H. McRaven gave a speech at a University of Texas commencement about this very subject. I’m going to tell you to clean your room too. I know, I know. But for me, when I make my bed and tidy up my things, it helps me to think clearly. Starting my day out with a few small tasks sets me on a course to complete more, larger, tasks throughout the day. During this summer, I didn’t follow my own instructions. I was working a lot and getting up early, so I didn’t bother most days. Every few days I would tidy up my room and make my bed, but I didn’t make it a daily routine. When I do it every day, it’s way easier to get things done throughout the day. When I go into my room and it’s a mess and things are all over, the same thing happens in my brain. When I clean my room and make my bed, everything is in it’s place, and it’s easier for me to organize things in my head as well.

Make a List!
I don’t know if you’re a list person- I am. I love lists. They help me get things done because I can see what I need to do, I know I’m not forgetting things, and who doesn’t love the feeling of crossing something off a list? Sometimes I even write things that I’ve already done just so I can cross them off.

What about you- are you a night owl or a morning person? How do you start out your day?



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