Oregon Coast 2016

Hi! At long last, here are some pictures from our trip to Oregon in August! (I’ve finally got everything up and running on my laptop, so I’ll be posting more regularly and with better photos now).


We left on Sunday morning and drove all day. The trip was not totally drama-free because yeah what do you expect with nine kids aged 6-18 on a six hour drive? But it was fine for the most part, and I really enjoyed it. I love long drives, and I haven’t been to Oregon for like ten years so it was new to me.


We got to the campsite and set everything up. The next day it was raining and I for one was kind of miserable at first. But things got better, the sun came out, and it wasn’t even cold at night which definitely makes a difference. On Tuesday (my birthday) we went to the Tillamook Cheese Factory, which was so fun! 13923834_10157351848030613_6870627695536357777_o.jpg

(iPhone photo mom took of me at Tillamook on my birthday)

We brought our bicycles so we had lots of fun riding around the campground and the surrounding trails. There was a beach nearby, where we had tons of fun in the freezing cold ocean. The waves were amazing. We can go to the ocean here in Bellingham, but it’s not open like it is in Oregon so we don’t get waves. The first day we went to the beach, I was calling to Mordecai, Hezzy, and Tucker, who were in the water, relaying mom’s message to not go any farther. They couldn’t hear me so I waded up to my knees and finally got their attention, but it was after several minutes of standing in the freezing cold water. It was so, so cold I couldn’t stand it but I did because I had to… then my legs went numb so I didn’t mind it. I hadn’t brought my swimsuit that day but I ended up just swimming in my clothes.


The beach we were at had this shipwreck, so we had to get a jumping photo in front of it!

One day we went to the Lewis and Clark fort, which was really fun! I love history and it was so amazing thinking about them exploring this area for the first time…


We explored several beaches, lost one child and then found her, did a lot of driving, and explored the forts.

My favorite part was going to Battery Russell and Battery Pratt. They’re old military forts, and I love learning about the wars, so it was amazing to explore them. When I sat in the army jeep I felt like I was in the movie PT-109 and several soldiers including JFK were about to come join me. (That’s like the only WWII movie I’ve seen so far and I loved it).


^This is at Battery Pratt.

I had so much fun and I have some more photos so I’ll be posting about our trip again.

For now, I’m super busy getting ready to go to New Zealand! I’m nearly all packed, I just have a few things coming in the mail and like one more thing I have to buy, and some things to print off. I’m leaving on Friday! So soon, and I’m so darn excited! I haven’t seen my sister in over two years and she’s my fav so I’m really looking forward to spending time with her. We used to dream about living on a farm together with our husbands, and all our kids running around and frolicking on our land. I doubt that’ll happen now, but I do get to go live with her for six months and I know we’ll have such an amazing time! Don’t worry, I’ll be keeping up the blog while I’m there. I’m really excited for this new adventure and I’m excited to share it with you!


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