To Do

Good morning!

Yesterday I got a lot knocked off my to-do list. Which is pretty easy to do when you put things like ‘Shower’ and ‘Make bed’ and ‘Sweep floor’ on the list. But hey, it helps me be more productive when I feel like I’ve already accomplished things. I also bought boxes that I’m going to pack my things in for NZ and I bought a bin to store my things when I’m gone. I sorted through all my books and packed away the ones I’m leaving. I made a list of things I have to do before I leave. It was so nice to have a whole day just to stay home and focus on getting things done. And sleep in! I slept until like 7:15 because I really can’t sleep past 8:30 at the very latest, and I left my curtains open so I would wake up with the light. It felt sooooo good to not get up at 4:30. Listening to music helps me be productive too, because it always puts me in a good mood! I used to listen to Pandora or play music on YouTube but I bought an iTunes card last week so I can listen to my music whether or not I have wifi. I’ve had an iPod since I was 12 but I never bought my own music because I spent all my money on Duck Tape (yes, actually), and I would just listen to what my family members bought and listened to. But they have horrible taste in music. Just kidding… sort of. I’m sure they think the same of me. I bought a Jim Reeves album and some of Josh Turner’s music. I heard about Josh Turner because he was at the fair so everyone was talking about him, and a friend recommended him. He’s just as good as everyone says!


Another photo from camping. Jubilee bought this travel mug from the Tillamook cheese factory. We went there on my birthday. It was a sort of long drive but nobody tried to kill each other so it was successful. The cheese factory was so fun! I enjoyed learning about the cheese and history, watching the cheese being made, exploring the gift shops, and eating ice cream. The drive was about two hours each way, so to keep entertained, Jubilee and I kept a list of all the different kinds of churches/religious organizations we saw. We saw ten or eleven. Catholic, Episcopal, Jehovah’s Witness, Christian Science, Methodist, Quaker, Assembly of God, Seventh Day Adventist, Baptist, and Christian Bible/Community churches. I loved driving through Oregon because the scenery is a little different than here in Washington. More to come later!


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