Hey! Yesterday I wore this tie dye shirt that I made! On Saturday, Kalina and I spent the night at our friends’ house and we tie dyed. We also slept (“slept”) in a tent outside, went to the Bells game (first Baseball game I’ve been to!), went to church on Sunday, went swimming… It was lots of fun! 
Also, see that- I have my hair in a bun. That’s exciting because I’m just plain awful at buns, and never could get them to stay in- but ta-da! 

I have a geology final tomorrow and then I’m finished, and my graduation’s on Friday. I’m really excited! 

And when I’m done? I’m planning to work this summer. Probably go to New Zealand this fall. And I’m so looking forward to having more time for things like piano, drawing, reading, etc. I love school but I’m so glad to be done as well! 

On a side note, check out my notes for my history final today. Pretty intense, right?! If you wanna know anything about the time period 1900-1980 in the US just let me know and I could probably tell you something! It might not be useful, but… Something. 😁 


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