On Sunday, Janna, Briahna, and I graduated at Evergreen Baptist Church. It was a great ceremony and I had lots of fun!

Janna, Me, Briahna

Hannah and Me

The money tree…

Heather and her mom made these leis for us. So generous, kind, and cute!

And here we are being utterly fabulous 😉


How am I seriously this old already?! And in two weeks I graduate from Whatcom 🙂


4 thoughts on “Graduation

    • Michelle-
      This was a homeschool graduation ceremony at the church. Tilly’s official graduation (where she receives her high school diploma and Associate of Arts degree) is at the college tomorrow. Unfortunately, due to limited seating, she only gets three tickets, so most of the family will not be able to attend 😦
      Renee (Tilly’s mom)

  1. Ah, I didn’t realise Tilly hadn’t graduated from HS yet. Congrats! Let see what like has in store for you next, Tilly!

    • Yes, WA has a really great program that lets high school students take college classes in their junior and senior year. If students are homeschooled, they can complete high school and two years of college concurrently. at

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