Don’t Run Away to Canada

As I’m sure you’ve heard, Ted Cruz dropped out of the presidential race last night. Others may have seen it coming but I was totally blindsided by it. Realizing that next year Trump or Hillary will likely be president is difficult. But what I’m realizing is, life goes on. Whoever is elected, life goes on. I remember when I was ten (and fourteen) and Obama was elected and I thought, well at least it can’t get any worse. Now I laugh at that simple childish innocence. But, life goes on. Whatever happens. As long as I’ve done what I can and given my best, that’s all I can do. And no matter what happens to this country we must remember that God is in control and that He will not forget or forsake us who love and serve Him! Our country has gone so far, even as to celebrate and legalize sin, but although our nation is in such a mess, God is in control. I’m taking an American history class right now and it’s giving me a lot of perspective. We’ve had good presidents and bad presidents and so it goes. The president and the government have so much power, but not enough to take away our happiness. Some things will change with the new presidency but it’s not going to be a completely different world overnight. Oh, and a note to everyone who’s researching how to move to Canada. The Canadian government is different from the American. Keep that in mind. Canada is not just a more polite America with maple syrup, hockey, and moose. Also, I don’t keep up on Canadian politics but I’ve heard the current prime minister is not exactly everyone’s favorite, so to speak. So make sure you do your research. I’m conveniently Canadian already so if things get real bad I’m in a great position to move to Canada. But for real, is moving to another country really the best solution? I argue that it’s not. Alright so most people probably aren’t seriously considering immigrating. But hear me out. This country has a lot of problems. The way to solve problems is not to run away from them. Don’t leave the country because you’re not happy with how it is. The way to address these problems we’re  facing is not to ignore them or run from them, but to fight them. We don’t need to run away to Canada, or anywhere else. We need to stay where we are and fight for what we believe in, stand up for the truth, and do what’s right. The future might frighten us right now. But we need to respond by doing our best to make a future for ourselves, our children, and our grandchildren that we will be proud of. It might be hard to see how, but God is in control. And we the people have a lot of power to decide where this nation goes. Let’s do our best to do what’s right and to share the gospel of Christ with everyone we can. Because that’s the most important thing. Not who is president in 2017 or whether gay marriage and abortions are legal, or gun control. Those are all very important issues. But our lives are like the blink of an eye compared to eternity. We need to invest in eternity and that means not running away from ou r problems, but sharing the love of God with everyone we can. And believe me, America desperately needs that right now. 


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