This is my favorite thing to wear running. I just got this shirt for $5 at Walmart and I love it! The photo on the left is my ‘I just ran a mile’ face. 
…and okay, this is my ‘I just ran three miles’ face: 

Sometimes it takes a while to get moving, like I know I want to run but it’s a sort of daunting task to run three miles. But as soon as I start, it’s great! Yesterday was my third time running that far and hey I’m getting faster already! I’ve also been trying to run one mile (well technically 0.8 miles) every day. In comparison to three miles it’s really not bad. And I’m getting faster there too! From around eight minutes to now I’m usually around 7ish, my fastest for that distance (0.8 miles) being 6:33, which was today, and I was more tired than usual because I ran so far yesterday. 

Well if you were super interested in my running habits, there ya go, haha. 


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