So lately I’ve gotten into nail polish. I didn’t used to like it because it’s so easy to mess up and takes a while to dry, and if you think about it too much it’s just a weird concept. And who even first thought it would look nice to paint their fingernails? Weird. But anyways I do wear it now, I guess I’ve gotten more patient. Here are a few photos of my nails lately! 

Purple: LA Colors

Blue: Pure Ice ‘Kissy Kiss’ 

This pattern was actually really easy. I already had my nails purple and I had just bought the new blue and wanted to try it out. I took a piece of tape and stuck it over the part I didn’t want painted, painted my nail blue, and when it dried took off the tape.  
 I spent the night at my friend’s house a few days ago and she did this for me. I love it! For the flags she used a thin brush.  
And today I used this Sinful Colors ‘rendezvous’  


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