Cause sometimes we just need to look at cat pictures. Strider is a big fat cat who lives in my room. He’s good at waking me up and getting in the way, and he’s the sweetest thing. I don’t really like cats (kittens are great though) but Strider is an exception. He’s still a cat in all those annoying ways that cats are, but he’s lovable too. 

Today feels weird because I have no homework due right now. I decided to quit procrastinating and start doing things right away. It’s pretty great. I have classes in the morning this quarter which is awesome because today I was done with my classes before noon and then I came home and by 2 I was done with all my homework, and then I went to work and then came home and I don’t have any pressing homework or deadlines. It’s way easier to get things done than to wait until the last minute. 

This week has been super nice, too. Well, the past few days were kinda dreary, but today the sun came out and it was so nice and warm! 



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