Fish Babies!

Today my fish Constance gave birth to eighteen(?) babies! I got three platys a few weeks ago. Constance is white, Milicent is orange, and the one dude, Brom, is white with black on his fins. The babies were just born today so they don’t have names yet- I can’t tell them apart and there’s no telling how many will live 😬 Platys do eat their babies. We have a special thingy that we put a few of the babies in so they don’t get eaten, but it wasn’t big enough for eighteen so we’ll see how many survive by hiding in the plants, as well. 

Milicent, Constance, and Brom.

The lady at the pet store said Constance might be pregnant, or maybe not, because as you can see these platys have large undersides. I’m so excited she was pregnant and not just fat! We’ve had baby guppies before but I think they all got eaten. Let’s hope this time is different. 


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