New Fish!

IMG_8069 copy

Last week I got nine new fish! Our youth group was doing a video scavenger hunt thing and one activity involved goldfish. Afterwards they were looking for homes for them and I said I would take 3 or 4 (I already have 2 fish, Fred and Lucille). Well I came home from school one day and there were eleven fish in my tank, and a friend was taking two of them for his sister. Okay so I ended up with nine of the goldfish… three times as many as I was anticipating. Hence the big glass jars in the above photo! I can’t really have eleven fish in my tank so I split them up. Poor Toby died the other day which is awful, but the rest of them are doing well so far! In the above photo, there is Toby and Ramon, Carson and Maxwell, and Sheila and Frank. In my fish tank are Rafael, Jared, and Caesar. Yeah some of those – well all of them- were named the first name that popped into my head because I didn’t want them to be nameless for too long.



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