Ice Day

I really must apologize that I promised a post about my exciting day when the roads were all icy a few weeks ago and then seemingly dropped off the face of the earth. But here it is now!

On Tuesday, mom and Cai went to an appointment down in Seattle. They left around 6:30, and took Enoch and Kalina to drop them off at grandma’s beforehand so she could get them to their math class. I stayed home to get the kids on the bus. Jubilee didn’t want to wait for the bus by herself in the dark and cold, so I told her I would wait with her. It was freezing cold, the ground was covered with a thin layer of snow on top of which lay treacherous ice. Jubilee and I shivered and waited for a few minutes… and then a few more… and a few more. We started speculating about what had happened to the bus. Then Hezekiah came outside with the phone, saying it was the school. Yup, something’s up with the bus. They said that the bus couldn’t get up our hill because of the ice. But, good news! It was just 1/2 mile away and I could take Jubilee there. The bus would wait 3-5 minutes, they said. Well let me just tell ya- I couldn’t *drive* Jubilee to the bus because I wouldn’t be able to get back home, even though it’s just half a mile- the roads were very, very icy! So I asked her, do you want to try and walk (run) to the bus in time or do you want to skip school today? She wanted to go, so we started running down the hill. The road was so slippery and icy, so we ran on the grass beside the road because it wasn’t quite as slippery. We ran the half mile and on the way passed two cars that had stopped because they couldn’t get up the hill. The occupants of the cars were nowhere to be found which was kind of odd, but I was focused on getting Jubilee to the bus. Eventually we got to the last stretch and I told Jubilee that I would run as fast as I could and she didn’t have to keep up necessarily, just to do her best. If the bus was there, I would get to it and then make sure it didn’t leave without her! I ran across a driveway and slipped, very nearly falling, but I managed to tumble my way to the grass again where it was less icy. And there was the bus! Jubilee caught up and climbed aboard the bus. I turned and started back home.

I pulled out my cell phone and called the house to let the other kids know what was going on. Avi answered. “Can I make biscuits?” She asked. “What? Uh… well do we have the stuff?” “Yeah.” “Okay, okay. Can I talk to Hezekiah?” So after we got that urgent matter over with, she gave the phone to Hezzy. I told him that I ran Jubilee to the bus and would be home in a few minutes. On the snowy trek back up the hill, I counted around seven cars now that were stopped because they couldn’t get up the icy road. One truck made it all the way up, but there were half a dozen vehicles that couldn’t make it. As I got to the driveway, I sighed in relief. I wasn’t too cold- I was wearing fleece footie pajamas (yes, they are the best thing every), a heavy coat, and a hat, so I was actually a bit warm- but it was good to be back and able to sit down for a minute! I didn’t know what would happen with the other kids’ bus, but it wasn’t that important at that moment. We would worry about that when the time came. I made sure the kids got their lunches packed and ate breakfast, and then their school called. This time the bus wasn’t even nearly as close. It was over two miles away. Nope, I could not take the four kids including 5-year-old Apollo to meet the bus. I still couldn’t drive them, it was too dangerous, and no way we were walking that far. So, they got the day off school!

We had biscuits for breakfast, courtesy of Avi, and then the kids had screen time. Then they played on their own for a while while I made cookies. I mixed up some icing and got out sprinkles and we had our own little cookie decorating party! Then we (or, I) cleaned up the mess, and then had a picnic lunch. After lunch they watched a movie and mom was home that afternoon. The kids were delighted to have the day off school and in an effort to keep the fighting at minimum, I wanted to make it fun and structured. So there you have it- a crazy day but it was rather fun!



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