53 Days Left…

Two days down, fifty-three to go(for this quarter). Hey that doesn’t sound too bad, now does it? Winter quarter at Whatcom started on Wednesday. I had math, astronomy, and communications. Thursday I had ceramics, math, and astronomy. Math, well, it’s kind of weird. I like math but I also really don’t. Mostly I’m fine at it, but I’m always waiting for it to get too hard for me to do because I had a bad experience with geometry in tenth grade and thought I was terrible at math. Up until then I liked it, and so far it’s been good, so it was probably just that year, but I don’t want to get overconfident. Especially since I have pre-calc this quarter. Astronomy is pretty much the best! Well but so is ceramics… Astronomy is great, my professor makes it so interesting. And we’re learning about Ptolemy, Copernicus, Galileo, Tycho Brahe, Johannes Keppler… I think it’s fascinating. I actually learned about all those guys when I was younger, which makes me realize I learned a lot more than I thought. I didn’t do any ‘real’ science until 8th grade, but before that I still learned science just I didn’t classify it as science I guess. My professor is great, he’s not lecturing, it’s more like he’s telling us a story, and a really interesting one. And dude Tycho Brahe, he’s the bomb. Well I guess he was a really rich, stuck up dude, because he was the King of Denmark’s royal astronomer. He got in a fight with someone and got his nose cut off. Yeah, that guy. Anyways, that class is really good, and ceramics, is so fun! I mean dude we get to play with clay pretty much all class. And my communications teacher seems really fun so I’m looking forward to that as well! I actually have pretty great classes this quarter. I’m just… ugh, getting back into the routine. Not all that fun. As one of my professors said, we’re all hung over, and not from alcohol. But the fact that I have only SIX MONTHS left of school, that keeps me going. It’s pretty great! I graduate this year. It’ll be nice, let me tell ya. I love school but I also don’t. Some things I enjoy some things I don’t, so it’ll be nice to be done.

Andddd I have a really great story about Tuesday when it was really icy, but I’ll save it for later!


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