I Hope Your Christmas Was Snow Great!

Yeah yeah I’m cheesy I know. But snow!!! It’s so magical. I love it. I haven’t driven in it yet so that might change things, but hey the truck I drive can handle pretty much anything, in my (not-so-extensive) experience. For a few weeks now I’ve been hoping for snow, waking up every morning to see… no snow. And still, none. But it DID snow a few days ago! For about five minutes, and the ground was wet so it didn’t stick. But even non-sticking snow is so much better than no snow! We’re that much closer to snow.

Christmas Eve was fun! The week before we did our Christmas baking and all. We chocolate-dip practically everything. Practically. Judah makes shortbread- we dip it in chocolate. We dip pretzels in chocolate. Kalina makes cake pops. I made sugar cookies. This year I didn’t decorate them the way I normally do- I made a ton of cookies, sugar, gingerbread, and chocolate, and a huge batch of buttercream frosting. We set out lots of cookies, frosting, and candy and had fun decorating! It was much more fun than if I had spent hours upon hours decorating them alone, as I usually do. (I’m not exaggerating! It takes a long time, when I’m making them look nice!)

cookie-decorating -9120

So much fun! Cookie decorating is a tradition in my family. Sometimes we have friends, sometimes it’s just us. Believe me we’ve improved since we were little kids who just dumped as many sprinkles as possible on one cookie. We’ve been decorating Christmas cookies every year since I was a baby!

cookie-decorating -9098

And let me just say… these sprinkles are THE BEST. I call them fiesta sprinkles. They just seem like it. And they’re so good.


See what I said about chocolate-dipping?


Christmas Eve, we go to our church’s service. Then we come home to lots of food. Grandma and grandpa come over. We used to have more people over but now people either don’t live here anymore or are busy with their own families. This year one of our friends from church did come, and we had fun! After our guests leave, before bed, we kids each grab a boot and put them out in front of the fire. These are our stockings. We’ve been doing this with boots for as long as I can remember; probably forever.

Next morning, we get up and then open our stockings once everyone’s up! Then we have breakfast: biscuits with gravy (made with maple sausage) and orange sweet rolls, and hot chocolate. The best! Then we hang out all day… play games and get food ready and enjoy our gifts. We had dinner at 2 and grandma and grandpa cooked prime rib. Yum!

Kalina, Jubilee, and I each got a coloring book. They are really detailed and so fun!

untitled-9558 untitled-9562

Later in the day we read the last section of our advent story.

And it did snow on Christmas! It didn’t stick, but it snowed. And today the ground was covered in frost when I woke up so our chances are good.

We had a great Christmas and I hope you did too!



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