Pink Stripes

Well, the days are getting colder. Three times this week I’ve had to scrape ice off the windshield of the car before I left for school. There is snow on the mountain in front of our house. (Now if only it would snow here…!) This outfit has short sleeves and of course I’m not one to go brave the freezing cold without a jacket. This is an outfit I forgot to post back when it was a bit warmer. A pink striped shirt with my patterned skirt, tights, and black boots. An easy outfit for when the days are a bit warmer. Now I would wear a long-sleeved shirt and maybe leggings instead of tights, to keep warmer. But, here you go!

Skirt: Similar, Body Central
Similar, Fashion Union
Similar, Papaya

Boots: Similar, Nature Breeze
Similar, Cici Hot

Shirt: Similar, Choies
imilar, Forever21 (long sleeves)


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