Finally Finals

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve written. I am posting my fashion posts, but since I’ve actually written like usual… a while. (Like usual… sorry!) Right now I am just re-publishing the posts that I’ve already published at .

The reason I haven’t posted is, I’ve been so busy! Since Thanksgiving, I’ve had a lot to do. Finals are this week and it’s kind of nice because it means I’ll be DONE on Friday, for better or worse. Probably better. But I’m not sure yet, haha. I have two finals today, a few more projects to complete by today or Thursday I don’t really remember, but I don’t have my notes and I need them and yeah I’ll get it done. But I’m not actually sure if I have to do them?! As you can see I’m a bit confused. But that’s alright. I’ll figure things out. Anyways, I also have two essays due Friday. One, I’ve been working on but didn’t get the best grade (it was bad) and thankfully my professor said I can revise it and resubmit it. So I’m doing that, and I finished it yesterday- hopefully better than before. I also have a 5-7 page one due on Friday… so yeah I’m a bit busy. It’s alright though! I’ll get through it.

You know, I kind of hate ‘higher thinking’. But in an honor’s class, that’s the whole point of the class. Ugh. I should have considered that and been more prepared. But hey. It is what it is, no use getting upset over it. I really dislike English classes. Because you have to write about all this stuff… and I usually am not buying into it, even what I’m writing about. Like when you have to find all the symbolism and metaphors, and the whole time I’m thinking I’m just making this up, it’s so ridiculous… but it’s what the teacher’s looking for.’ Anyways every English class is just so… what? I mean, I learn how to write, yeah. Believe me, there is a *huge* difference between the essays I wrote before college, and during. I don’t know how I could go from so terrible to so much better. Anyways, I know, higher thinking is probably good. And at times it’s fine, but usually I’m just like ‘okayyy I don’t really get this, let’s move on’. Which doesn’t happen. Fake it till you make it, right?

Okay now I’m just rambling… what did I even say up there? I’m not sure. Oh well.

Well, I hope to write again soon. Oh, and I made Where the Wild Things Are cookies last week, so be looking for a post with photos of those!


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