How to Confuse Yourself in One Easy Step

How to Confuse Yourself in One Easy Step:

Read a book in another language, of which you know a bit, but not enough.

I’m still reading ‘Cien años de soledad’ and am as confused as ever. First let me say… I really don’t know what’s going on in the book, and some parts I’m reading it thinking ‘what in the world, is this what I think??’ but I don’t know. Also I’m so confused about relationships in this book. I thought Aureliano was José Arcadio Buendía’s brother, and I thought Úrsula was married to José Arcadio Buendía. But she just said she’s Aureliano’s mother?? This is what I understand: Úrsula and José Arcadio Buendía had a kid, Amaranta. Then Rebeca (who knows who she is) came to live with them. Then José Arcadio Buendía had a kid named Arcadio somewhere along the line? And Pietro Crispi taught the girls dance and Amaranta liked him but then he and Rebeca had a thing and were going to get married, and then he killed himself? (Not because of that) And then Úrsula had a kid for some reason, but I don’t know with who… oh and there was this awkward situation with Aureliano and then he wanted to marry a girl but a few chapters later he got married and I don’t think it was to the same person! And then I think she died. I’m not sure. But as you can see I’m very confused.

When I finish this book, I’m going to read it in English and see how much I actually understood. I have to know what’s really going on. I’m about a quarter of the way through it. I’m really looking forward to finding out what’s actually happening and get things straightened out!

Last week I had one class, and then was home all week. It was very nice! But then this week… super busy. I was kinda stressing over it yesterday but now I think that it’s just like a normal week. I just have a big paper that I hadn’t started and I’m not sure what’s going on with the final project in the Geology class, so I was concerned about those. I started the paper, in my English class, and it’s going great. Only two more weeks and then we’re done forever! Not forever haha. But done with those classes, forever. And only two more quarters after this, so I’m excited. But I’m really looking forward to spring quarter when I get to take Spanish! It’s been way too long. I’m afraid I’ll forget the Spanish I know. Which is why I’m utterly confounding myself as I read a book in Spanish. Of course I would have to choose one that’s almost 500 pages long. Why not? And, I’ve heard, confusing even in English. Well it’s definitely interesting. Every time I start to get bored, something else happens that grabs my attention. Like Úrsula saying she’s Aureliano’s mom?! And why does the word ‘desnudo’ keep coming up so much? That’s kinda freaking me out. I’m hoping it’s a decent book… but I don’t know cause I don’t understand everything!

Well, it’s Christmas music season! Also known as Christmastime, yeah. I love Christmas music! And I found on Spotify the Robertson Family Christmas… cause who doesn’t want to listen to Duck Dynasty singing Christmas songs?!


Jubilee, who just turned 13!


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