I’m Excited To Get Excited…


Last week I had a field trip in my geology class. It was so fun! I didn’t know you had field trips in college… but I guess so! We went to Larabee State Park. It was fun! Geology is actually a whole lot more interesting that I had anticipated. It sounds boring… but in reality, we get to learn about different types of rocks, which is actually interesting, and volcanoes and earthquakes, lava and melting rock. It’s so fun! On Tuesday, when we had our field trip, it was rainy and cold. But it ended up being fun anyways! It didn’t rain a ton while we were there. I got splashed by a wave and soaked but it was fun, so I didn’t mind (although later I was pretty chilly because of it). We identified the rock type, the composition of the sand, and even the events that had taken place to result in what we saw. And I realized why they call it a field trip… because you’re going out in the field. I guess that’s kind of obvious.

And this quarter is coming close to the end! I’m looking forward to being done. Although this quarter hasn’t been bad at all, since I’m only taking 12 credits. Next quarter I’m taking pre-calculus (gulp). I hope it’s alright! Algebra I was dreading but it was actually so fun and not too hard at all. So let’s hope pre-calc is the same…

Thanksgiving is in less than a week! That is so exciting to me! I love Thanksgiving, and plus that’s the day we start listening to Christmas music. Yes! I am so excited to be excited for Christmas. It sounds weird. It kind of is. I so wanted to make these cookies red and green but I didn’t because I can’t, not yet! Four days…



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