Pumpkin Sugar Cookies


Yesterday I made some sugar cookies. It’s always so fun!… and tiring! It takes maybe ten minutes to make the dough, which then chills in the fridge for 2-3 hours. Baking takes around 40 minutes. Then the decorating… yesterday it took me 3 1/2 hours. I’m not sure at the moment how many cookies this recipe makes, but it’s taken me up to five hours to decorate them. I think three and a half is my record low:) My feet and back get so tired standing in the kitchen for hours! But it’s so fun, I don’t really mind. I have a pinterest board for inspiration.

These pumpkin ones were fun to do! I could have done them better but I was mainly focusing on the football cookies I was making (next blog post!). What I need are more piping bags (my reusable ones are lost/unfunctionable and ziplocs do *not* work! At least not the sandwich-sized bags.) and more couplers and tips. I only have one coupler so I can really only decorate with one color at a time. Plus, I don’t have more than one of any tip. Below where I have the stripes/checks, I could do that with more than one color if I had two or three tips the same size. I’ve also read reviews saying that the best tip for piping lines is a 1.5, so I’m wanting to get one of those (and more if I like it). Anyways, here are the pictures of my cookies!


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