Don’t do Drugs, Folks

Just sayin’. Don’t do drugs.


Last spring I saw this great bumper sticker at Whatcom. Truth, right there. Actually, don’t even get me started on cocaine. I gave two speeches on cocaine and why you should not use it, so I have a lot to say about it. The jist is this: don’t do it! It’s terrible for you and honestly it’s not you I care about all that much; it affects so many people. Everyone you know, and many people you don’t. There are so many people affected by you using cocaine (or any drug, for that matter). The people growing the coca leaves, their neighbors, the people turning coca into cocaine, the people living in the countries where coca is grown and cocaine is made, every step in the process of getting cocaine from a leaf into a drug in your hands, involves people who are hurt because of your choice. And it doesn’t stop there. Your cocaine use affects your family, your friends, everyone you know. As well as your future children. And their friends and family. A lot of people.

Basically, don’t do drugs, it’s terrible. If you need convincing, let me know and I can give you the full version of my speech. Hooray! Just say no. Any drugs. Even if they’re legal! Marijuana is awful too. And seriously, please don’t show up to class and sit by me when you reek of that nasty drug.

Have a lovely day and please don’t do drugs!


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