Those Days…

I’m not a poet. I know this doesn’t rhyme. Maybe doesn’t even make sense. It’s just words. But I was inspired by the blog of a girl in my youth group, who writes beautiful poems. So here’s my stab at poetry.


You know those days

when you don’t get dressed until you have to go out in public

when you wake up ready to conquer all your homework

and do

but also spend hours on the internet

working on something you’re not sure is worth it

but maybe it is

and if there’s a chance

then why give up


you know those boots

that make your feet drag

help you feel not here nor there

like you’re about to do something great

but you haven’t done what you need to if you’re really going to accomplish that

don’t wear those boots

put them on when you’re ready

but don’t just wear them

if they’re not doing any good

only harm


you know those words

that try to come out

but they’re not quite right

and how do you say this

you’ve got words inside of you

and they struggle to get out

but when they do

they’re still trapped

because they’re not right

but you can’t do anything

or think straight

until the words make sense

but how can you turn feelings into words

thoughts onto paper

how do you do it



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