A Bee’s Life

Today I took out my Canon 30D and 100 mm macro lens. Looking around for something to photograph, I spotted these yellow flowers in the backyard. Before long a bee came by and I got so excited when I was able to get these great macro shots.




7 thoughts on “A Bee’s Life

  1. Tilly, I am enamored with these pics. Between my Dad having been very into zoology and teaching me a lot about insects growing up, and my own reacting to bee stings thus working hard to learn the difference between what I need to be wary of and what I can ignore, I think you captured a fly that masquerades as a bee to fool its would-bepredators. Two give-aways: first, bees have two sets of wings. I think this guy only has one set. Second, fly antennae are short and stubby, and bee antennae are longer. But “A fly’s life” just isn’t as catchy! 😉

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