Jurassic Park Cookies

I’ve both read the books and seen the movies for Jurassic Park. Just a few weeks ago, Mom, Enoch, and I went to see Jurassic World in the theater. It was awesome! I really like Jurassic Park, so I had fun making these themed cookies.


Mordecai turned 13 on September 3rd. He had a friend over and watched Jurassic Park. I got to make the cookies! Dino eggs, footprints, and skulls. The eggs and footprints were simple enough. The skulls were a bit more complicated. I found the idea for them here:

For the first cookie I made, I cut out a stencil and traced it onto a cookie with a food marker. Then I iced over top of it. But I wasn’t really thrilled with the results, so the others (the ones in the photos) I did freehand, just looking at the picture. That actually worked much better!


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