Well sorry for the absence! First I was working on my fashion blog, The Modest Muchacha. Then I was kinda tired of blogging so that’s why I wasn’t on here. Thennnn we had an adventure- a big windstorm, and no power or internet for three days. I mean I can go without the internet for three days… but the power…. yeah, electricity is really nice, I’ve learned!

Sometime last week, our water was turned of for a bit. Mom got an email from the city letting us know that it would be turned off ‘for a few minutes’. Well it was hours and hours and hours before it came back on… and we weren’t expecting it to be off for that long. So that was an adventure, and I learned how much I appreciate water! Going without is a good way to become grateful. When I went to Malawi, I learned how much I really love beds, showers, running water, washing machines, all that useful stuff that we usually don’t really think about.

So that was adventure number one of the week. And then, on Saturday, a huge windstorm and tons of people lost power. I was at some friends’ house all day and their power was out as well. We played board games, and towards the evening we had to use flashlights because it was too dark to see well! The power came back on right before I left. Then I came home and the power was out here. Well it’s fun for the first three hours or so, but after three days…. it gets old. Saturday, the power was out. Sunday, the power was out. Monday, the power was out. Finally it came back on around 2:00 this morning! So now we really appreciate electricity!! On the bright side, we had grilled chicken, pork, and pork ribs, that were all delicious! Because our oven is electric so cooking meant the barbecue or a camp stove.

photo 4

Sunday morning’s breakfast… cereal and doughnuts! There are some perks to having no electricity 🙂

photo 5

You try getting ready for church by the light of a lantern… it’s not very easy! Oh well, still better off than the pioneers (but at least they were used to it!!)



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