La Familia


Sunday morning, everyone was dressed for church and looking nice. Since I just started a fashion blog I asked mom to take a few pictures of me real quick so I could use them for my blog. Then everyone joined in and so here I present some awesome photos (by mom) of me and the sibs.


Judah and me… he’s going to Central Washington University in less than a month. Wow!


Judah and Apollo.


It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s… Apollo!



Being the youngest can be fun… but you also have to pose for photos with your older siblings, which often means you have to endure kisses.


Enoch and me… wait is he really that much taller than me?! Wow I look short, and I’m even wearing heels there.


Being a goof!


And Avi and Tucker, who are both in fourth grade now! Avi’s ten and Tucker will be ten in a few months.


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