This girl is going to college in just a few days! What!!! Arianna is my cousin and also my best friend in the world. I went to visit her and her family in Canada for two weeks and attend her graduation, back in June. Now she’s about to leave for college. Wow!




Seriously I love this girl so much!!! Usually we get to see each other maybe once a year or so… but this past year has been awesome because I’ve seen her a lot more than that! Last May my Bergeron cousins came when Adalia got married. Then in December they came to visit, and I got to stay with them at my grandparents’ house in Canada for a few days. Then in May they came and stayed with us for a week, and then in June I got to go visit them in Canada for two weeks. So that’s awesome! All of those visits resulted in the culmination of more selfies than I have taken in my life previous to those visits. Who can resist selfies when you’re visiting your best friend who you hardly ever see, I mean come on!

Well this girl is so amazing and I love her so much. It’s so exciting to see her going off to college! Arianna, I love you so much!




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