I have been wanting a piano for two months now. Like, really wanting one. I used to play piano, when I was younger (which made learning it again a bit easier). But it had been what, eight years or so? Then when I went to visit my cousins in Canada, Arianna taught me how to play (Well, Elijah started it- he taught me ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb’ at grandma and grandpa’s house before we went to Calgary). Since I got back, though, I haven’t been able to practice the songs I know (Come Thou Fount and Blessed Assurance) because we didn’t have a piano. But today I came home from school and Kalina started laughing at me, and wouldn’t stop laughing. I asked why she was laughing at me and she wouldn’t tell me… I told her I didn’t care that she was laughing, but could she just tell me why? If I look stupid or something, I want to know! She went into the living room, still laughing. I asked her to please just tell me why she was laughing. She said ‘Okay, but you have to come in here’. So I did, and there was the piano! (I don’t know why she thought that was so funny). I was sooooo excited! I am really, really happy to have a piano!! Our friends the Thames’ gave it to us. How awesome!




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