Canon 30D

For my birthday, mom gave me her Canon 30D. What!!! Yes, the best birthday present ever. She just got a new camera (the 5D Mark III) and gave me the 30D. What an upgrade! Before I just had my Rebel XT which I bought (with some help, as a birthday gift) used when I turned eleven, so six years ago. So that camera is old and I’m pushing the limits of what it can do… so it was about time to get a new one! Having a photographer mom is pretty much the best. Last week though I didn’t get much of a chance to use it because I was too busy with school. However, I was sort of forced to use it because of school, so today I got to practice with it! For the final project for one of my classes I have to have a visual representation of my unique self… now come on how do I do that? It sounds way too hokey like I’ma make something up cause I don’t really know… so I came up with something and it actually turned out great so I’m glad about that! I decided to do a creative photo, so I got me with books, my Bible, and my camera- important things to me! I grabbed Tucker to model while I got the camera settings right and then snap the photos. I told him to take ten of each shot because, well, he’s ten years old. I just want to be sure to get a good one. And it turns out it’s good because only a few were in focus and framed correctly… but that’s okay! I only needed one. And he was such a help to me. Thanks Tucker!


This is the finished photo. Not bad, eh? So I suppose something good came out of that class after all. It’s just such a boring class… anyways!

Then since my familia is the best source of models I have, I grabbed some of the sibs to pose for me.

And of course my helper, Tucker:



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