The Lord’s Boot Camp

Some more photos from Malawi last year… These are at The Lord’s Boot Camp in Florida, where you have two weeks of training before heading overseas for a month. Every morning you run the Obstacle Course. Yes! I loved the O.C. Many did not. But it was so fun! My favorite part of the O.C. was the slough- a trench of water that you swing over on a rope. My second favorite obstacle was the Wall- a 12 foot wall that the whole team has to climb over. A big part of Boot Camp is learning how to work together as a team, and the wall definitely helps with that!

teen missions, the lord's boot camp, the obstacle course, team

Here is my team ready to run the O.C. the first time.

teen missions, boot camp, the lord's boot camp, obstacle course, the wall

This is the wall! Two people climb on top of the wall and help get others over the wall. Everyone on the ground has to have their hands up in case anyone falls. That’s the hardest part, really. It doesn’t sound hard to hold your arms up but it gets real tiring real fast. Here me and Emily are on the wall, pulling Anslie up. It was awesome! I was only on top of the wall once- other times we always had our two guys, Joel and Cayge, on the wall.

Here we are after running the O.C. for the first time!

My team during singing class. This was the second or third day of boot camp so we were all a bit miserable, still getting used to the routine and everything. After the third day or so, most people cheered up and were fine!

Enoch is at Teen Missions right now. He went to Tanzania, and just got back to Florida for debrief. During debrief you learn how to take back home what you learned over the summer, how to share your experiences, and how to go home, which can be really hard after being gone for two months! He is coming home on Thursday… how crazy!


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