Mustang, Baby!

I love Mustangs. Not the horses. That would be my sister Adalia. I love the cars! I used to really love Jeep Wranglers and Hummers. I know, I know, don’t worry. I’m a changed person. Jeeps, Mustangs- they’re kind of different. My taste has changed. Improved.

Yesterday I saw five Mustangs. FIVE. Now that’s crazy! Normally I’ll see one or two every day which is awesome. But yesterday, five. Four within five minutes of each other, and the fifth one about twenty minutes later. How crazy?!

My favorite Mustang is the gt 428 Cobra Jet Fastback.

Pretty cool, eh? I also like pretty much any other Mustang. Except I’m not a huge fan of the ones that just look like cars. If you’re going to have a Mustang, it should look like a Mustang, don’t you think?! If it looks like any other car you might as well have any other car.

Like this:

I mean it’s a Mustang yeah but it’s not that special.

This one’s pretty great, I think.

Then you have the Chevrolet Bel Air. What! Amazing.

Beautiful. So there you have it; a bit of my fascination with old cars.


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